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Birds of Prey: Who are Harlequin's companions in the new film

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Birds of Prey: Who are Harlequin's companions in the new film

Harlequin may have ended with the Joker, but she is not alone. In "Birds of Prey: Harlequin and her Fantastic Emancipation", the anti-heroine gains the valuable company of Black Canary, Hunter, Renee Montoya and Cassandra Cain – the Birds of Prey of the title.

In DC comics, the super team started in 1996, as a duo formed by Canário Negro and Batgirl. Since then, he has had several formations, including characters like Catwoman and Poison Ivy – none, interestingly, with Harlequin (but Margot Robbie explained this to us in this interview).

But if it's about the Birds of Prey of the cinema that you want to know, rest assured: we talked to the actresses in the film when they came to Brazil in December, and they told us all about their characters.

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Black Canary

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Canário, whose real name is Dinah Lance, is played by Jurnee Smolett-Bell, who started his career as a child, with roles in sitcoms like "Three is Too Much".

The character works as a singer at Roman Sionis (Ewsan McGregor) nightclub, the villain Black Mask, and has a complicated past. "She is very closed and disconnected from the world, because her mother died fighting crime, so she doesn't want to have anything to do with 'cleaning up' Gotham. She just wants to keep her head down, work and survive," he says.

Dinah also struggles to cope with her power, a supersonic cry that can cripple (and even kill) her rivals. "She has this gift, but she is closed in on herself. Her journey is to emancipate from herself. In a way, she is stuck in her mind." Harlequin's arrival, however, will take her out of her comfort zone.


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The mysterious character, who kills his enemies with a crossbow, is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, whom you will recognize as the Ramona Flowers of "Scott Pilgrim against the World".

In the feature film, she ends up running into Harlequin and company during a journey of personal revenge. "She has a goal in mind, which is to avenge the death of her family, and that's all she cares about. She has no friends, she doesn't have a life other than trying to be a killing machine," explains Mary .

However, when she is forced to work in a group, Huntress gains other contours. "She has to open up a little more, expand her horizons and learn how to be more than what she was becoming."

Renee Montoya

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A rare honest policeman in Gotham, Renee is played by Rosie Perez, an actress who has already been nominated for an Oscar for her work in "Fearless" (1993).

"When we met Renne, she has been with the police for many years. She is a veteran, but is not respected as such," says Rosie. "She is very focused on cleaning Gotham and doesn't want to give up, but she finally realizes that sometimes, in life, you have to find a way to leave and still achieve your goals. This is her emancipation."

Cassandra Cain

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In the comics, Cassandra is one of Batgirl's incarnations. Here, lived here by debutant actress Ella Jay Basco, she is a teenager who commits small thefts and ends up getting in the way of Roman Sionis and Harlequin, with whom she develops a special connection.

"The girl is a commodity for her, in the beginning," says Margot. "But then she starts to like the company and see her value as an apprentice, since Cass has a lot of skills and was a pickpocket."

"Birds of Prey: Harlequin and its Fantastic Emancipation" is already in theaters. The film is directed by Cathy Yan.


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