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Berlin Wall. Three decades later, there are new "walls" in Germany

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Berlin Wall. Three decades later, there are new "walls" in Germany

Infrastructure issues

Most of Germany's neglected regions are in the east of the country, according to a study released in August by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. The municipality of Neißeaue is part of the list.

These are areas where more people are receiving social inclusion income, where there has been a strong exodus and where there is little internet and a poor local supply network.

According to German sociologist Holger Lengfeld, "East Germany has less modern industry, and if we look back on history we will see that, even in the golden days of industrialization. East Germany has always devoted itself more to agriculture. Industry it was something more punctual. "

It is a fact that, thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, eastern Germany is better off economically.

Unemployment has fallen significantly. Five years after the fall of the wall, the unemployment rate in the East was around 14.8% against 8.1% in western Germany. Last year it was almost West level: 6.9% against 4.8%. The wage gap has also narrowed, although in the West it continues to earn more than in the East (3,340 gross euros per month versus 2,790 gross euros in the east in 2018).

But despite the improvements, a feeling of displeasure still prevails. "What we assume is that it has to do mainly with infrastructure such as schools, swimming pools or health care," says Professor Lengfeld.

AfD takes advantage

The far-right AfD party has voiced this dissatisfaction, promising to serve as a megaphone to many East Germans who, 30 years after the fall of the wall, continue to feel like "second-class citizens."

"One thing AfD does well is use this dissatisfaction narrative for its own purposes," says Professor Rebecca Pates of the University of Leipzig. "AfD was not a party created for rural areas, but when it saw that in rural areas there are protest votes, it began to represent the interests of those voters." . (tagsToTranslate) renaissance (t) renaissance (t) news (t) latest news (t) information (t) information (t) White Ball (t) sport (t) soccer (t) beneficial (t) porto (t) sporting (t) country (t) world (t) politics (t) economy (t) religion (t) culture (t) opinion (t) specials (t) reports (t) euranet (t) v + (t) vmais ( t) headings (t) music

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