Home world Baby found in Lisbon's dustbin is "healthy" and could be discharged in 48 …


Baby found in Lisbon's dustbin is "healthy" and could be discharged in 48 …

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Baby found in Lisbon's dustbin is "healthy" and could be discharged in 48 ...

The newborn found in a dustbin in Lisbon "is a healthy baby," so clinically it could be discharged in the next 48 hours, the head of the neonatal intensive care unit at Dona Estefânia Hospital said Thursday. .

Daniel Virella explained that the discharge of the baby depends on the decision of the state to welcome him, namely from the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ), stressing that "clinically there is nothing that prevents from being discharged".

In a press conference at the Dona Estefânia Hospital in Lisbon, the doctor said that "not enough time has elapsed yet for someone other than parents to register the baby."

If the parents do not appear, it will be the CPCJ to take responsibility for the registration of the baby, said Daniel Virella, adding that "it is not legally for the hospital," as the case has been made known to the state's judicial and social protection.

"Currently, the baby does not have any problem. It is a healthy baby (…). In physical terms, is fine," said the head of the neonatal intensive care unit of the Dona Estefânia Hospital, stating that the newborn is be bottle-fed and "have antibiotic protection that will last for perhaps a day or two until you are not infected."

According to the doctor, it is "a baby who, not knowing what happened, nobody would say that nothing happened to him".

"I have to say that a good job was done by the VMER emergency transport team, which heated, stabilized and hydrated the child, we just had to complete the work that was started," said Daniel Virella, indicating that the most complex work after the baby's arrival at the hospital was to "give her a bath".

At Dona Estefânia Hospital, "the tests, the complementary exams, which are usual in such a situation, were performed, and the rest was basically preventive care".

After being admitted to the pediatric emergency room at Dona Estefânia Hospital, where he needed "almost minimal care", the newborn was transferred to Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital for "not needing complex medical and surgical care".

Stressing that the social response of the baby's reception is not the responsibility of the hospital units, the head of Dona Estefânia Hospital stressed that the hospital is a place where they are hospitalized sick, "not being sick, is an individual that society, through the state, must find a place where you can comfortably and securely lodge until your social problem is resolved. "

Asked about the possible length of time the baby can stay in hospital, the doctor revealed that there are children who are born and stay "up to the age of 18" for various reasons, so there are conditions, but "it is not the environment" for a child who is not sick to develop his life ".

"It is up to us to ensure the care the child needs until we are given an indication to be transferred to another institution, but in clinical terms it will not need more than 24, 48 more for safety," said Daniel Virella, referring to high clinic of the newborn.

Authorities received at 5:30 pm on Tuesday to alert a newborn found in a dustbin on Avenida Infante D. Henrique, near the river station in Santa Apolónia.

According to the commissioner of the Metropolitan Command of the Lisbon Public Security Police (PSP), André Serra, those responsible for leaving the newborn in a dustbin incur the crime of exposure to child abandonment or infanticide, depending on the motivation of the abandonment. .

Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution Service (MP) has already announced the opening of an inquiry to investigate the case of the newborn, which "runs terms in the DIAP (Department of Investigation and Criminal Action) of Lisbon", said the Attorney General of the Republic, in written reply sent to Lusa agency.

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