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"At least 208 dead" in Iran crackdown

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More than 100 killed in protests in Iran, Amnesty reports

At least “208 people” were killed in the crackdown on the mid-November protest movement in Iran, Amnesty International (AI) said Monday as it revised upwards the previous 143 death toll released a week ago.

The "real balance" of this crackdown "is possibly over 208 dead," the London-based non-governmental organization (NGO) said in a statement that this new calculation is based on "credible information" obtained from its sources.

Only in the city of Chahriar, province of Tehran, dozens of deaths were reported, “one of the cities where the balance… was among the highest,” according to Amnesty.

"This alarming assessment is further evidence that the Iranian security forces were involved in a horrific killing," said Philip Luther, Amnesty's director of research for the Middle East and North Africa region.

"It demonstrates the total disregard of the Iranian authorities for human life," he added.

The demonstrations, which began on November 15 following the announcement of the fuel price hike, quickly spread to at least 40 cities and towns, accompanied by fires or attacks on service stations, police stations, shopping centers or public buildings, according to the report. the Iranian media.

The Iranian authorities, who regarded the protests as part of a conspiracy "conspiracy" abroad, had reacted to the previous AI balance sheet, defined as "exaggerated".

Iranian officials have not confirmed the deaths of five people – four members of the security forces killed by the "agitators" and one civilian – and announced about 500 arrests, including 180 "minors."

In its statement today, Amnesty calls on the international community to take steps to prosecute those responsible for "this bloody repression," and accuses the Iranian authorities of having "no intention of conducting independent and impartial investigations."

The NGO also states that the victims' families were threatened and ordered not to make statements to the media and not to organize the funerals of their neighbors.

Amnesty also indicates that it has analyzed and verified videos showing "Iranian security forces firing at various unarmed protesters."

Internet access was blocked throughout the country in the late afternoon of November 16, making it difficult to assess the extent of the crackdown.

The restoration of Internet access has been progressively restored in some parts of the country.

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