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Are you planning to buy on Black Friday? Because the freight will be more expensive

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If you're from the class waiting for Black Friday to buy their phones, computers and TVs on ecommerce sites, this is definitely bad news. The Post Office confirmed on Wednesday (16) a 6.34% readjustment for parcel delivery services, including Sedex and PAC. This year Black Friday will be on November 29th.

The new tariffs came into force last Monday (14) and consist of a national weighted average that may vary according to origin, destination and type of order, depending on the state.

According to the Post Office, "price updating occurs to balance the impact of costs on service delivery." Change only affects individuals.

Despite the justification, the increase is higher than the inflation of the period since the last readjustment of 8.03%, which occurred in March. Between March and September, the accumulated IPCA (National Consumer Price Index) was 1.73%. This means that the current increase in postal freight is 366% higher than the inflation rate for the period.

There is no specific information about the increase of each type of freight, because, according to the state, it is confidential information due to commercial interests. Services affected by the readjustment include Sedex Today, Sedex 10, Sedex 12, and PAC.

Proximity to Black Friday

As Black Friday arrives, many consumers are already eyeing product prices and freight rates, and changes in postage rates can affect retailer performance, particularly in online sales.

The forecast for Black Friday 2019 is a 4% growth in revenue over the previous year, reaching $ 13.5 billion, according to consultancy GFK. In 2018, the increase was 9% compared to 2017, considering white line, mobile phones and computer items.

Freight pricing is one of the main criteria consumers evaluate for completing an online purchase. The weight of this service can make a difference in sales volume this year.

On Black Friday 2018 many users complained about freight prices. Now, with the 8.03% increase in March and this new readjustment of 6.34%, freight prices could scare even more consumers.

Compare prices and freight

The Post Office has no monopoly on delivery of goods, but many online stores use state-owned services or do not diversify options passed on to customers. Therefore, before shopping on Black Friday, consumers will have to research and compare values ​​as usual.

Just over a month to date, freight prices already vary in stores and require attention from shoppers who don't want to make a bad deal.

Comparing two cases, the same phone has shipping of $ 19.99 on Express delivery, with a forecast of five business days for delivery within São Paulo, one store and free shipping and six days for delivery to another store opting for same shipping mode.

The variation also occurs in the simulation of buying a tablet. While in one e-commerce the shipping is $ 25.24 in normal delivery in five business days, in the other shipping is free and delivery within four days.

As the Post Office does not provide details on the incidence of increase by merchandise or region, to take advantage of Black Friday discounts this year the solution is to compare prices and freight in different online stores before making the purchase.

Future of the Post Office

Despite speculation, the Post said that the new tariffs are unrelated to the lists released by the government in August presenting the which will be privatized.

According to the Post Office, inclusion in the National Privatization Program (PND) was not one of the factors considered before the announced readjustment. What matters at the moment is that we consumers are losing out on this one.



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