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Antonio Costa says NATO "death" announcement was "pretty news …

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Prime Minister Antonio Costa said in London Wednesday that the announcement of NATO's "death" was hasty and ensured that the summit's atmosphere was one of frankness, cordiality and reaffirmation of unity among the 30 participating countries. .

"The meeting demonstrated that, apart from some more media phrase that some of them have produced outside this debate, the meeting contradicted this," Antonio Costa told reporters at the end of the leaders' meeting, paraphrasing US writer Mark Twain. , to ensure that the alleged death of NATO "was rather hasty news."

In an interview with The Economist in November, French President Emmanuel Macron lamented NATO's "brain death", prompting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to suggest that Macron himself was "brain dead" .

On Tuesday, the first day of the NATO summit, US President Donald Trump called the statements "very unpleasant" and "insulting."

The controversial claims were mainly due to Turkey's invasion of northern Syria following a withdrawal of US troops without prior warning from NATO allies, resulting in an attack on Western Allied Kurdish militias.

Despite this controversy, the Portuguese Prime Minister said that the summit was characterized by a "frank, quiet, serene debate, where it was very clear that everyone aimed to reaffirm unity, to make it clear that the effort of European cooperation on Defense does not mean any division of NATO, but rather a strengthening of the European pillar of NATO and the whole is strengthened. ”

António Costa said that a state of play was made on the countries' investment commitments in defense and that "major developments" were recorded.

Since Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, NATO countries have halted defense cuts since the end of the Cold War and have begun to increase spending and have committed to invest 2% of Gross Domestic Product. (GDP) in the area by 2024.

"This summit was significantly different from last year's summit, was to resume the normality of the relationship between all, with great cordiality, with great frankness, with great constructive spirit," he said.

The NATO summit, which also marked the 70th anniversary of the organization, was held in London, under the title "Innovating the Alliance" and was attended by leaders from 30 countries, which met this Wednesday.


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