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Angelus saved Bingo? In this crossover of Nobody's Looking and Bingo, yes

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Angelus saved Bingo? In this crossover of Nobody's Looking and Bingo, yes

In Nobody's Looking, Netflix's Brazilian series that premiered on the 22nd, director and creator Daniel Rezende introduced us to the Angelus, the mystical beings whose mission is to protect all human beings … even Bingo, the King of the Mornings .

The filmmaker created a crossover between the series and the movie starring Vladimir Brichta (and also directed by him). In the clip, newly created angelus Uli (Victor Lamoglia) watches an instructional video about his role in protecting humans and finds that the angelus have managed to save even Bingo, a presenter who led a life riddled with alcohol and drugs.

In a firsthand statement sent to UOL, Rezende spoke about his new work and the pop culture references he put into the series. Check out:

No One's Looking is a series that was created to question humanity and its invented narratives. And the best way to do this is by using humor. Thus we created a world where the Angelus (a rereading of the guardian angel myth) have lived for millennia following a pre-established system without ever questioning it.

Using acid and clever humor, pop culture references, fast paced, naturalistic acting, iconic and highly identifiable characters, we were able to raise existential questions and make the audience laugh and then ask themselves, "Geez, am I like that too?" ? "

Uli leaves the system and starts trying to do good on his own. And not everything happens as he believes, so the series also questions the question itself.

And nothing in the series is by chance, nor does our protagonist Uli's phrase "Life is not random by chance." He comes to balance this system balance and start thinking outside the box. Unable to accept the boss's arbitrary orders, he decides to help humans on his own. In a good mood, he breaks all the rules but is not punished. Is nobody watching?

My work as a director always seeks to bring together the pop world (stories that communicate with the public) with deep and quality dramaturgy. I believe that dramaturgy need not be 'good and inaccessible' or 'accessible and bad'. There is a middle ground. That is what I seek.

Along the way I created Bingo, the King of the Mornings, Monica's Gang – Ties live action, and now a series of red-haired red tie angelus.

In the Nobody's Looking series, I put two easter eggs from Bingo. Whoever picks it up …

And why not play with a crossover between these creations. The Angelus vs. Bingo video was an idea that came to mind to play with Brazilian characters using humor and intelligence. This combination makes life better and more fun.

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