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Amazon bans TikTok on employees’ mobile phones and steps back hours later

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Amazon has instructed employees to remove TikTok from mobile phones because of security concerns. On the same day, he stepped back: it had been a “mistake”.

The North American multinational of electronic commerce sent, this Friday morning, an email to the employees, informing that it would be forbidden to have installed the TikTok application on mobile devices with access to the company’s email. According to CNN, who had access to the missive and spoke to a source familiar with the case, if the application, based on creating videos with dance and music, if not removed, access to the email would be cut. The internal statement invoked “security risks”.

But, almost five hours later, at around 6 pm local time (11 pm in mainland Portugal), Amazon reversed the march, claiming that the communication to workers had been sent in error, wrote “The New York Times”. “At the moment, there are no changes in our policies at the moment in relation to TikTok,” said company spokeswoman Kristin Brown, quoted by the American newspaper.

Earlier, in statements to CNN, a TikTok representative had assured that the company had not established contacts before proceeding with communication to employees. “We still don’t understand the concerns,” said the spokesman at the time, calling for “dialogue” so that it was possible to “solve any problems the company may have and allow its team to continue to be part” of the community. from TikTok. “We are proud that tens of millions of Americans turn to TikTok for entertainment, inspiration and connection, including many of Amazon’s employees who were at the forefront of this pandemic,” he added.

In the US, there are those who fear ties to China

The guidance given by Amazon, and then withdrawn, follows on from claims by American politicians that the application could undermine national security, given the links with China. Still, cybersecurity experts are more cautious in the assessment. Especially because, even though it is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, the most valuable startup in the world, TikTok does not operate in China, it functions as an independent subsidiary and has servers based in the United States, not subject to Chinese laws. TikTok has, in fact, endeavored to make this distinction, having recently appointed an American executive director.

Before Amazon communicated the ban, now ineffective, of TikTok, the US Army had already done so, preventing the military from installing the application. In addition, some political figures, such as Senator Josh Hawley, have proposed banning TikTok on all US government devices. The Democratic National Committee has even recommended anyone using TikTok to campaign that I use a personal phone and account.


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