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After accuser death, Kevin Spacey signs court settlement

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After accuser death, Kevin Spacey signs court settlement

Kevin Spacey has had his sexual abuse case closed due to the death of his accuser. Last Monday, the actor and the victim's son signed court documents to finalize the case and reach a settlement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Spacey was denounced for forcing a situation with a massage therapist. According to the professional, who did not want to be identified, the actor forced him to take his genitals twice during a massage. At the time, they were at Kevin Spacey's house.

A judge allowed the case to proceed despite efforts by the defense of Frank Underwood's former interpreter to close the case because the complaint was anonymous.

However, a tragedy occurred and the accused died, so the actor's lawyers filed a death notice in court. This began a 90-day countdown to have the accuser's assets replaced in the case.

In November, the accuser's son asked in court to become the special administrator of the case. Inventory files cited the urgency of the process.

The defendant's attorneys and the special administrator have reached an agreement to close the case to the detriment (meaning the claims cannot be disputed). No terms of the agreement have been made public.

Recently another Spacey accuser, Norwegian author Ari Behn, was the victim of suicide, and it was around this time that the actor released another bizarre Christmas video, invoking his morally unscrupulous House of Cards character, Frank Underwood.



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