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A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Critics See a Deeper Agenda in California Feud

by ace
A ‘Chilling Message’: Trump Critics See a Deeper Agenda in California Feud

Now 23 states have sued the Trump government over the change. While not all of these states followed California's standard, state attorneys general said they saw the move as an illegal violation of state rights that would prevent them from taking action to combat climate change in the future.

All the attorneys general in the lawsuit are Democrats, but some represent states that Trump won in 2016 or expects to win in 2020, including North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Mexico.

"The Trump government has attacked the rights of states," said Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania's attorney general, "and Annex A is this clean car law, where states have taken charge of protecting our citizens and are now illegally trying to undress. us of our authority. ”

Collateral damage aside, Trump saw California-focused movements, which filed 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration for issues ranging from immigration to health care. Even as the threat of impeachment grips his presidency, Trump remains fixed in California.

On Wednesday, he said, "We just sent a violation to the city of San Francisco, dangerous water and unsafe conditions."

"With all the talk about E.P.A.," he continued, "there are needles and drugs all over the street, there are tents, there are people who are dying of misery in the best location in San Francisco."

Trump was furious in July when four automakers opposed to his plan to reverse the Obama administration's vehicle pollution standard signed an agreement with California to meet its strictest emission standards, even if the broader reversal is approved. .


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