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10 films to keep an eye on The Invisible Life fight for an Oscar spot

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10 films to keep an eye on The Invisible Life fight for an Oscar spot

The Oscar 2020 race begins to take shape. Yesterday, the awarding Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 93 competitors in the category of Best International Film (formerly Best Foreign Film). And The Invisible Life, Brazil's representative, will have a heavy fight in the fight for a spot among the finalists.

A shortlist of nominees will be released later this year by the Academy. The five finalists leave on January 13th. The next edition of the Oscars will take place on February 9, 2020, in Los Angeles.

Invisible Life has been in the Northeast and will hit theaters in the rest of the country on October 31st. What about the other Oscar contenders? We have selected 10 films here for you to keep an eye on.

Parasite (South Korea)

It is for now the Oscar favorite of international film. Bong Joon Ho's film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and an almost unanimous acclaim from the international press.

Described as "a dark-humor fairy tale," the film follows two very different families that come together in complex ways. The poor Kim family and the rich Park family intersect when the former, full of street cleverness, begin to offer "luxury services" to the latter.

South Korea has never had an Oscar nominated film. And it would not be surprising if Parasite appeared in more than one category.

Pain and Glory (Spain)

The autobiographical color drama put Pedro Almodóvar back in the spotlight after a period of not very positive criticism. In the film, Antonio Banderas is Salvador Mallo, a declining film director, both physically and career. When the chance arises of reconciling with the past, he must immerse himself in the memories of his poor childhood and the discovery of sexuality.

Banderas's powerful acting is also in the fight for a nomination, but competition in the Best Actor category this year is brutal. Almodovar as Best Director and Penelope Cruz as Best Supporting Actress are more likely to be nominated.

Les Misérables (France)

Image: Disclosure

Cannes Film Festival jury award winner, alongside Brazilian Bacurau, the film is no longer a version of Victor Hugo's masterpiece. The film is a social drama that shows the tension in a peripheral neighborhood of Paris based on the violent protests that took place in the city in 2005.

Queen of Hearts (Denmark)

Playing in Brazilian theaters, the Danish drama shows the complex and dangerous relationship between a married woman and her teenage stepson. The film won an audience award at the last Sundance Festival.

The Boy Who Discovered the Wind (United Kingdom)

Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor's debut in feature films is now available on Netflix. Spoken in Nyanja and English, the film tells the story of William Kamkuamb, who as a teenager was self-taught to create a wind power system that saved his Malawi village from starvation.

The Translator (Cuba)

Rodrigo Santoro is Malin, a university professor of Russian literature, who sees his life transformed by being assigned as an interpreter in the children's ward of a Cuban hospital. Its mission is to help in the communication between doctors and children victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident that have just arrived in Havana.

The Translator tells the true story of the parents of the two directors, the Cuban-Canadian Rodrigo and Sebastián Barriuso. The feature, screened at the latest edition of the Sundance Festival, premiered in Brazilian theaters on April 4.

The Traitor (Italy)

The film is a co-production between Italy, Brazil, France and Germany, and was partially funded by national producer Gullane. Marco Bellocchio's feature has more Brazilian DNA: actress Maria Fernanda Cândido is in the cast, playing the wife of mobster Tommaso Buscetta (Perfrancesco Favino), the first to become an informant in the police case that toppled Cosa Nostra.

Buscetta lived in Brazil for a period, when he met Maria Cristina de Almeida Guimarães, the role of Candide.

Monos (Colombia)

On a secluded mountain in Latin America, a group of 8 children with paramilitary training holds a woman hostage. The drama received a good reception at the last Sundance Festival, winning the critics award.

Dylda (Russia)

disclosure Image: Disclosure

Kantemir Balagov won the directorial award for A Certain Look at the Cannes Film Festival (the same one that gave The Invisible Life its main award) for this film that shows the struggle of two women in 1945 to rebuild their lives in Leningrad devastated by Second World War.

Atlantique (Senegal)

disclosure Image: Disclosure

Mati Diop became the first black director to win the Grand Prix at Cannes, the festival's second most important prize, for this supernaturally loving love story set in suburban Dakar.


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